How to Avoid Your Children from Online Gambling

You must be 18 years old before you can join an online gambling casino. However, some children can sneak into these sites as long as they have a credit card. Why do they get excited about joining one? It might be because they saw an older person have fun playing it. He/she can be a parent, a relative, or a random stranger.

Gambling at an early age may lead to addiction later. While it is still early, parents should have a hand over their children on this. Since most of them like using smartphones, we will not tell you not to give them one. So, how do you avoid them from doing it?

#1. Talk to Them How Online Gambling Works and How It Would Affect Them

Gambling activities of children talk to them

Kids aging ten years old and above are eager to learn. Educate them and let them understand how it works. You can provide examples of games that are quite popular, and people who had problems with gambling. You must give them a heads up that it is not for kids, and they can resume doing it if they are old enough. Well, as much as possible, never encourage them to do it.

#2. Do Not Let Them See You When You Are Online Gambling

Gambling activities of children do not let them see you

If any of the family are gamblers, never allow your kids to see them play. It would spark some interest in them. What you need to avoid is showing kids that gambling is a regular activity.

Remember, their exposure to these games starts at home. If you do not allow it to anyone of you, it will give them a hint that it is not permitted to them, too.

Never let them think that gambling is a good source of money. They might develop a mentality of depending on it since their parents do it.

#3. Limit Internet Use and Utilize Kid-Friendly Applications to Monitor Activities

Today, it is easy to block sites that are not kid-friendly. You can install external apps with ‘kids mode’ so they can monitor your children’s activities. Another thing you can do is limit their screen time by reinforcing them to go to the park or have some ice cream if they discipline themselves. Let them understand that there are other ways to have fun.

#4. Teach Them How to Handle Emotions at a Young Age

Gambling activities of children handle emotions

Whether it is about gambling, the internet, school, or other stuff, you should teach children how to react to particular situations.

You do not need to tell them what to do because they may feel alienated. Instead, ask them what they think if they lose in a game and how they can improve it.

Do they feel anger or sadness? Do they throw things when they are disappointed? If your child knows how to handle their emotions, they will handle situations reasonably later in life.


Gambling is not for children. Since you cannot always control their activities, you can teach them how to control themselves. Allow them to learn how it works and act as a role model. You can also use kid-friendly apps to monitor your activities. The bottom line here is to set their exposure at a minimum amount.

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