Lame Fame: Top 4 Biggest Losses of Famous Celebrities

Losing and winning are the two sides of each game. It can be about sports, reality shows, or mobile games. Of course, nobody wants to lose, so you try again if given a chance. Some know when to quit while others keep on chasing their luck.

There are two kinds of people in a casino. Some dream to get rich while others are there to spend their extra cash. Bad news for some celebrities, they did not get lucky. One got kicked out, and the others drained their bankrolls. Who are they? Find out their names here.

#1. Charlie Sheen: A Failing Marriage Out of Gambling Addiction

Casino Losses Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is famous for his role in The Three Musketeers and Two and a Half Men. His addiction to alcohol, sex, and gambling is not news to the public. It came to a point where he spends more than $200,000 a week, and her former wife disapproved of that. His marriage with Denise Richards failed and resulted in a Divorce. After losing millions in this vice, he is now under therapy.

#2. Tiger Woods: A Famous Player In Golf and Vegas Casinos

Casino Losses Tiger Woods

Who does not know this man? If you are a sports enthusiast, you know that Tiger Woods is a legend in golf. Apart from this, he is also a legend in gambling. Rumors say that he limits himself to $1 Million in a Vegas Casino, and he lost $25,000 in one sitting of blackjack. His addiction persists to date, and this man has no plan of stopping yet.

#3. Michael Jordan: A Basketball Legend Who Lost A Lot in One Sitting

Casino Losses Michael Jordan

Kids and adults bow down to this basketball hero. While he has the skill to turn the tides in the court, he is quite a loser when it comes to gambling. The most significant loss he had in one sitting was $5 Million. Relative to his money that might only be a cup of his wealth, but that is still a lot! As a gambling addict, he spends more than a million each year.

#4. Ben Affleck: A Casino Banned Him for Cheating in a Blackjack Game

Casino Losses Ben Affleck

If you are a fan of Marvel movies, you saw this man in Batman vs. Superman. His other films include Good Will Hunting, Gone Girl, and The Accountant. He is famous worldwide, but little do you know, he is a gambling addict as well.

He has been playing casinos since the 2000s and won millions from it. Sometimes, the coin flips, and he lost about $400,000 in poker. One Vegas casino also banned him because they claimed he counted the cards in a blackjack game.


If you have all the money in the world, where would you spend it? You might say a charity or help your family, but some would keep some amount for gambling. These celebrities may have luck in the spotlight, but they are also unlucky when it comes to casinos and other gambling arenas.

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