True Crimes: Top 3 Real Crimes Related to Gambling

Crimes and casinos are related. Some see it as sinful and do not accept it as a form of entertainment. As years passed, some states start to legalize casinos. While some say it decreased crimes, the problem is still there. It is the favorite place of people who want to gain money in the wrong way. Here is a run-down of real crimes related to gambling.

#1. Richard Taylor: The Man Who Cheated on High Roller Craps

real casino crimes Richard Taylor

Richard Taylor got his moniker ‘Mr. Casino.' In 2009, the court sentenced him ten years of imprisonment after casinos proved that he is a ringleader of a vast range of craps scam in Memphis. He got more than $70,000 for cheating, but he told the jury he did not. Instead, he is so good at playing cards that people accused him of doing it.

Regardless, the jury did not buy his defense. People who conspired with him left their jobs to focus solely on his scheme. Now that Taylor is in prison, they have nothing but disgrace. So, the next time you cheat, think twice because you will not like the result.

#2. MIT Blackjack Team: The Harvard and MIT Students Who Conquered Casinos

real casino crimes MIT Team

This team became popular in the 1990s after they hit the headlines. Bill Kaplan modeled a formula in playing blackjack. For years, he became excellent in this field while studying at Harvard. In 1992, Kaplan met some MIT students who were interested in his schemes.

He taught them how to count cards, and later on, they conquer casinos. The group grew until it became a company called Strategic Investments. When authorities found out about it, they started banning and arresting people who do card counting.

#3. Berlin Poker Heist: A Robbery that Shocked the World of Poker Tournaments

real casino crimes Berlin Poker

A decade ago, a group of armed men ambushed a tournament in Germany. The cash prize was 1 million euros, and that is quite a sum of money. Gamblers around the world stormed to the competition to try their luck, but their hopes never happened. The unique thing about this story is that the suspects were around 19 to 21 years old.

These young men have wasted 15 years of their life in prison in exchange for cash that they can get more appropriately. Security cameras show four of them in the crime scene, but only two are in jail. Some articles say the mastermind is in prison as well, but it is not proven. You will never know that one of them is your partner in a casino game today.


The flashing light of money is quite exciting for some. It is what encourages them to do some bad stuff and gain money instantly. While some are unlucky for ending in jail, others are still roaming the streets, enjoying the profit they gained.

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